The Black Queen Planner LLC was born from a passion to create and the sensation of wonder we all we get when we start something new.

For the BQP Team, a new day is synonymous with a new opportunity. For Owners/Founders, JaShelle Henry and husband Alexander Colson, new opportunities almost always started with a blank sheet of paper. They noticed they would stay up all night writing down their ‘master plan’ to become financially free.

The ‘master plan’ always incorporated the talents of close friends and family members. Ultimately, fostering a sense of community became the heart of the project.

The BQP’s desire is to help black women reach the next level in their goals – by making calculated steps through the use of trusted planning tools. We hope that during this process, a sisterhood for black women to develop their personal or professional goals, whether short or long term, will be established.

We hope you'll fall in love while you connect with us and join our Black Queen Planner Community for encouragement and support.